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Submitting the application

Applications can be submitted by online, using this:

Inscription form – BACHELOR

Inscription form – MASTER

All the documents (scaned) will be attached to the form as follows:

  • Name of the candidate_file MER
  • Name of the candidate_file UASVM

The file submission period is: May 13th – July 17th, 2024

The list of admitted candidates will be published on the university’s website on 19.07.2024

AttentionAll the files which are lacking documents specified in the list below and if the application form is not fully filled in, will be rejected.

For bachelor studies, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has specific requirements, as follows:

Veterinary Medicine – english and french study lines:

  • Baccalaureate average mark or equivalent – 90%;
  • Volunteering in animal welfare (certificates/recommendations) – 10%.

The ranking of the candidates for the programs of study Veterinary Medicine in English and French will be done in descending order of the average admission mark and of the option.

The results of the admission contest are published on the website

Candidates declared admitted who don’t sign the study contract within the deadlines provided in the admission calendar, lose the place won by competition.

Application procedures to university studies (bachelor, master, PhD)

Preparatory year

Foreign citizens from third countries of the EU are enrolled in university studies in Romanian language after graduating the preparatory year, in which they acquire the necessary knowledge of the language as well as the specific knowledge, correlated with the future training profile (anatomy, physics, chemistry, technical drawing etc.).

The duration of the preparatory course for undergraduate studies is 1 school year / academic year, and for master, PhD studies is at least 6 months.

Categories of persons exempt from the obligation to submit the certificate of graduation of the preparatory year, when enrolling in study programs with teaching in Romanian language.

Persons who present Romanian study documents (diplomas and certificates) or study document, school situations attesting at least four years of consecutive education conducted in a school unit from the national Romanian system.

Those who, in order to enrol in university education, promote the Romanian language test after being examinated by a specialized committee made up of teachers with at least the lecturer’s teaching function. Examination can be done at another accredited higher education institution that carries out a temporary / accredited Romanian language study program. Following this examination will be issued a Certificate of Language Competence.

Foreign language studies

In study programs in which the teaching process is conducted in foreign languages, admission is conditional upon the presentation of an internationally recognized language proficiency certificate – B2 level. Exception: people coming from countries where the official language of the state is the language in which the courses are being conducted and which show, with school documents, that they have attended the courses in that language.

Application file (to be submitted in two copies – 1 copy for ME and 1 copy for UASVM)

  • Application for the Letter of Acceptance for Study (APPENDIX 1 – LINK);
  • Certificate of education – copy and certified translation – which qualifies the person concerned for the respective form of education (baccalaureate diploma, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or equivalent);
    • If a baccalaureate / bachelor’s / master’s degree Diploma has not been issued, a certificate will be required from high school / university to show that the candidate has passed and promote the baccalaureate / bachelor’s / dissertation exam and the grade / average obtained.
  • Transcript of records – copies and legalized translations – related to studies and analytical syllabus for candidates seeking recognition of study periods;
  • Diploma of graduation of the preparatory year or Certificate of linguistic competence, as the case may be;
  • Birth certificate– copy and legalized translation;
  • Copy of the passport;
  • Medical certificate (in an international language) to prove that the person registered for studies does not suffer from spreading diseases or other illnesses that are incompatible with the future profession. The University reserves the right to further request the opinion of a specialized medical commission (Occupational Medicine) to check candidates with chronic diseases/disabilities.
  • 3 photos – passport size (will be submitted when signing the learning agreement);

For the undergraduate program of Veterinary Medicine – English and French study programs

  • Certificate/attestation/recommendation of voluntary service in animal husbandry and animal protection.

 Authentication of study documents subject to recognition/ equivalence:

  1. Diplomas from Moldova do not need any form of authentication. Diplomas issued before 2008 (and diplomas issued after 2008 which cannot be verified online) shall be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity from the Ministry of Education of Moldova which shall be submitted in original.
  2. The Hague Apostille is requested for diplomas from countries which are parties to the Hague Apostille, issued by the competent authorities in the issuing countries. The Hague Apostille is requested for diplomas from Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus. The other EU countries being exempted.
  3. Diplomas issued in countries which are not parties to the Hague Apostille Convention shall be authenticated or accompanied by an authentication certificate from by the competent authorities in the issuing countries;
  • Legalization/Authentication is done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the issuing country, the Embassy/Consular Office of Romania in the issuing country and the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the issuing country, the issuing country’s Embassy/Consular Office in Romania and the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; for countries where Romania does not have a diplomatic mission or countries which do not have diplomatic missions in Romania, the study documents shall be legalized by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the issuing country;


The Romanian Ministry of Education imposes a set of requirements for a certain number of diplomas (such as a minimum average grade obtained at the high school graduation exam/Baccalaureate, a minimum number of subjects relevant for the field of study students apply for, that need to appear on the high school graduation exam/Baccalaureate, certain types of diplomas that are recognized/or not, etc.).

Therefore, students who wish to apply are kindly asked to consult the list – link about these requirements, depending on the country where they have studied in.

Application procedure

Candidates submit their files directly to accredited or provisionally authorized higher education institutions for which they opt. Higher education institutions assess the dossiers according to the regulations in force and communicate to Ministry of Education – the list of persons proposed to issue the letter of acceptance. The Ministry of Education submits letters of acceptance to studies to the higher education institution and, where appropriate, diplomatic missions.

Inscription fee

  • 150 EURO 

The fee can be paid in Euro, via bank transfer in the following bank account:

Banca: BCR Cluj-Napoca

Adresa băncii: Bulevardul 21 Decembrie 1989 nr.77, Cluj – Napoca, România

Beneficiar: Universitatea de Ştiinţe Agricole şi Medicină Veterinară, Calea Mănăştur nr. 3-5, Cluj – Napoca, România

Cod IBAN: RO90RNCB0106026604840005 EURO
Cod fiscal: 4288381

Important: The beneficiary’s IBAN number along with the University’s/Faculty’s name and the candidate’s name must be referred to on the proof of payment!

Tuition fee

Domain of education Cycle of undergraduate, master studies (EURO/year) Cycle of PhD studies (EURO/month)
Technical, agronomic, sciences 3000 400
Veterinary Medicine in Romanian language 5000 450
Veterinary Medicine in English/French language 7500 450

The visa application is strictly personal and the University is not able to interfere in this process. If the visa application includes some documents issued by the University, the candidate must specifically request those documents.

The candidates declared admitted will sign the learning agreement (personally or by another person based on a notary power of attorney) within the deadline set by the Admission Commission.

Upon registration, the candidates will present the documents in the Application File, originally, intended for authentication by the Romanian embassy in the issuing country or the Hague apostates, as the case may be, together with the Letter of acceptance for studies and the passport valid for “studies”.

For the scholarships offered by the Romanian State to foreign citizens through the MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) – follow the link and contact MFA for more details:

Persons in charge with the foreign citizens admission:

Diana Pop [email protected]

Antonia Cucu [email protected]

University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca, 3-5 Calea Mănăstur, 400372,Cluj-Napoca, România

Tel: + 40 374492010  / 411

Fax: + 40 264 593792

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